Groovy, Sexy & Soulful Part 64 Sunny Sunday Edition

Picture: Cari Ann Wayman

The tracks by Greg Smaha and Charms are from French Disco Boogie Sounds volume 2. After their critically acclaimed first edition, Favorite Recordings and Charles Maurice return with a follow-up. There’s a suave-looking guy on the cover, and there's some suave-sounding songs within. They are definitely the cream of the crop of the hippest spectrum of the French club scene at the start of the 1980s, brought together in a beautiful package of grooves. The songs are quite different than some of the cheesier, clunkier Euro disco hits of the time. And, opposite to those hits, there's a lot of care and craft brought to the rhythms and lyrics. Often a lot more soul elements than you might expect, and with occasional global currents that reflect the unique sound of France in the postcolonial years.

Enjoy this 64th part of Groovy, Sexy and Soulful!


Charms ‎– Givin' It Up (1983)
Princess Freesia – What’s That All About (2016)
Amy Holland ‎– Rollin’ By (1983)
Mike Oldfield – Tricks Of The Light (1984)
Kim Carnes – Mistaken Identity (1981)
Grace Rico – Rough Life (In The City) (1986)
Cerrone – Strollin’ On Sunday (1982)
Steely Dan – Gaucho (1980)
Linx – So This Is Romance (1981)
Con Funk Shun – Kidnapped! (1980)
The Pointer Sisters – Slow Hand (1981)
Greg Smaha – Sunshine (1979)
Randy Crawford – Lift Me Up (1983)
The Emotions – Yes, I Am (1979)


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