Smooth Sailing: Soulful Songs & Holiday Vibes

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Enjoy this Holiday episode of Smooth Sailing!

One of the tracks I selected is 'Reasons' by Minnie Riperton. It was the first single from her album 'Perfect angel'. The song was embraced by rock stations, but R&B radio weren’t too keen on the heavy guitars. Sales of the album started slow, and her record label was ready to move on to the next project. However, a few MOR (Middle Of the Road) radio stations were playing 'Lovin' You' (about daughter Maya) as an album track. Her record company released it as a single and it made a slow three-month climb to #1 on the American pop charts in April 1975 (#3 R&B). It went to #9 on the Dutch charts a few months later. Nowadays this classic soul song has been covered and sampled dozens of times.

Dutch-born Thomas Azier makes moody yet highly dynamic synth pop centered on his robust, often melancholic singing voice. Born in the Netherlands, Azier moved to Berlin at age 19 to pursue a music career and quickly ensconced himself in the city's techno and club scene. Dissatisfied with much of the electronic music he encountered, Azier began writing and recording his own material. In 2014 he released his debut full-length album, Hylas, on Universal. 'Talk to me' is his latest release.

Merry Christmas!


Rioland & Goldfeder – Tension (1984)
Thomas Azier – Talk To Me (2016)
Michael Nau – Smooth Aisles (2016)
Impact – Sara Smile (1977)
The Futures – Don’t Close The Book (1977)
Earth, Wind & Fire – Can't Hide Love (1975)
Brother Noland – Kawaihae (1980)
Work Drugs – Expats (2016)
David Dundas – Jeans On (1976)
Greg Smaha – Sunshine (1979)
Wayne St. John ‎– Something's Up (Love Me Like The First Time) (1979)
Tyrone Thomas – You’re Hardly Gone (1980)
Dave Valentin – Sidra’s Dream (1980)
Natalie Cole – Annie Mae (1977)
Minnie Riperton – Reasons (1974)
Bobby Lyle – Magic Ride (1977)
Nohelani Cypriano – O'Kailua (1978)
Doris Abrahams – Dance The Night Away (1976)
The Mary Onettes – Juna (2016)
Nina – Do You Know How Christmas Trees Are Grown? (1969)
Mud – Lean On Me (1976)


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