Groovy, Sexy & Soulful Part 66 Smooth Talk Edition

Johnny Bristol ('Strangers')
The other day I finally laid my hands on a vinyl copy of the first (and only) Moment of Truth album! All the songs were co-written, produced, arranged and conducted by Norman Bergen, the guy who also co-wrote 'Only a fool (breaks his own heart)' by Mighty Sparrow. On his website he wrote about his disco years:

"In the early 70s, I started working with Reid Whitelaw, a talented songwriter, producer, and businessman. We liked many of the same pop/rhythm and blues recordings of the sixties, especially the Motown records of the Temptations and Four Tops; so it was natural for us to write and produce songs which were reminiscent of that era. We were soon told by a man named Tom Moulton that we were creating good dance, or disco records. With Moulton’s help, it soon became a reality, with a number of our records doing well on that circuit."

About the album he wrote me recently that "Helplessly" has been sampled a few times:

"The most obscure track, "At Long Last" was sampled for "Friends" on Snoop Dogg present Tha Eastsidaz - "Duces 'n Trayz The Old-Fashioned Way" in 2001. They looped my instrumental intro and put a new song over it. One of my favorite tracks on the Moment of Truth album is "You're All I Want You To Be" which has been covered once by TRU from Philadelphia.”

The EP "My Queen, My King, My God" by Eneeks is out on Tokyo Dawn Records. The title of the EP relates to the ancient African trinity of man, woman and child and offers a rich tapestry for stories of love, loss, redemption, creation and relationships through the cycle of life. Teaming up with Personal Life producer Robert Strauss and band, South London rapper Eneeks has found a new sound for his stories.

Enjoy this 66th part of Groovy, Sexy and Soulful!


Eneeks – I Do This (2017)
Moment Of Truth – So Much For Love (1977)
The Whispers – I Can Do It Better (1980)
The Salsoul Orchestra – Chicago Bus Stop (1975)
The Night People – Again (1981)
Johnny Bristol – If I Can’t Stop You (1980)
Al Wilson – How’s Your Love Life? (1976)
Creative Source – Keep On Movin’ (1974)
Hazel Ramberransingh ‎– I Want To Give You Everything (1978)
Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King – Smooth Talk (1977)
Billy Proctor And Love System ‎– Keeping Up With The Joneses (1975)
The Tymes ‎– People (1968)
Johnny Mathis ‎– I'm Stone In Love With You (1973)
Addrisi Brothers – Last Chance For Romance (1979)
Foxy – Madamoiselle (1978)
Joe Bataan – I Wish You Love (Part 1) (1972)


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