Boombox 15 Electro Wave

Angel A. Acevedo
Boombox 15 is inspired by the so-called New Retro Wave sound:

If the success of Stranger Things and the upcoming Spielberg adaptation of Ready Player One tell us anything, it’s that nostalgia for the 1980s is experiencing a particular high. But the founder of the NewRetroWave label, the New York-based producer known as Ten. S, has been in love with the sound of that decade for years. “I’ve been making music since 12 years of age,” he says. “NewRetroWave was created from the sheer inspiration and love of the ’80s and ’80s-style music. I remember one day I stumbled across an old-school ’80s breakbeat/freestyle song, and I couldn’t get it out of my head. I literally became obsessed with it. I decided to find more sounds like it. Before I knew it, I was traveling down into the deep depths of ’80s music stations. (Quote: Bandcamp)



Flamingosis Feat. The Kount – Keep Shining (2017)
Phenonemal – One Two Three (Come See About Me) (1982)
Niteshifters – Show Me What You’ve Got (2017)
Earth, Wind & Fire – System Of Survival (1987)
Prince & The Revolution – Katrina’s Paper Dolls (1984)
Roosevelt – Close [Midnight Version] (2017)
Ralph – Cold To The Touch (2017)
The Aces – Stuck [RAC Mix] (2017)
Aly & AJ – Take Me (2017)
Midnight Star – Operator (1984)
Sinkane – Telephone (2017)
Au DrĂ© – Lines (2017)
Bliss Nova – Nothing To Lose [Brothertiger Remix] (2016)
Dubstar ‎– St. Swithin’s Day (1995)
Pop Up! – Girl (2016)
Fiction Factory – (Feels Like) Heaven (1983)
Park Hotel – Going West (2017)
Electric Guest – Oh Devil (2017)
The Midnight – Sunset [Michael Cassette Extended Mix] (2017)
Paradis – Recto Verso [Paradis Radio Remix] (2017)


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