Dusty Grooves From The Crates

Mike Kearney
Again I dug deep into the crates to find some forgotten gems of the past and a few more recent ones.

‘Let’s Get To It’ by Tomi Malm is from ‘Walkin’ On Air’, his brand new debut solo album. On this collection of outstanding tracks, the Finnish wizard (co-)wrote all but two of the songs. The tracklist presents a variety of styles, from jazz-infused pop gems to refined ballads, smooth funky jams and cleverly made fusion instrumentals. Malm's inventive arrangements and top-notch production is brought to life thanks to legendary session players, like Simon Philips (Toto, Mike Oldfield) and Robbie Buchanan (Whitney Houston, Barbra Streisand, Chaka Khan). This record is highly recommended by the Professor!

Enjoy this new part of Grooves From The Crates!

Track list:

Three Degrees – Can’t You See What You’re Doing To Me (1973)
Dance People – Midnight Breeze (1979)
Citrus Sun – What Color Is Love (2014)
Kalyan – Hot Tea (1980)
Tomi Malm – Let’s Get To It (2017)
George Benson – Love X Love (1980)
Randy Brown – I’m Here (1979)
Fred Wesley – House Party (1980)
The Dells – Bring Back The Love Of Yesterday (1974)
Roy Ayers – Is It Too Late To Try? (1979)
Eugene Record – Overdose Of Joy (1977)
Johnny Mathis ‎– I'm Stone In Love With You (1973)
The Jones Girls ‎– This Feeling's Killing Me (1979)
Tom Grant – Heaven Is Waiting (1981)
Odyssey – Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love (1972)
Love Unlimited – I Love You So, Never Gonna Let You Go (1974)
Alain Clark – I Need You (2007)
Seek – Surrender (2003)
Angela Johnson – Hurts Like Hell (2010)


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