Eddy’s 80s Grooves part 23: Dancing Therapy

C-Heads Magazine
Do you remember the feel-good movie of 1983 'Flashdance'? It is definitely an iconic film about bending, stretching, sweating and flexing. On the soundtrack are great songs like 'Maniac' by Michael Sembello, although the classic track is not on this cloudcast. The Australian talents David Hauserman, Retrosweat and the Sticks and Stones Agency collaborated to pay tribute to the original 1980s freestyle aerobic workout and Jane Fonda in particular for C-Heads Magazine. One of the pictures is on the left.

Hamilton Bohannon was the bandleader for several Motown tours in the late sixties and early seventies. Marvin Gaye mentioned his name on his very funky track ‘Checking out’. When Motown moved to Los Angeles in 1972, Hamilton Bohannon started a career of his own. I’m a big fan of his tight way of drumming ever since I heard ‘Disco stomp’ when I was a kid. 'Take The Country To N.Y. City' is from his album 'Alive' (1981).

Enjoy this new episode of Eddy's 80s Grooves!


Kenny G. – Hi How Ya Doin’ (1984)
Mary Love – Save Me (1984)
Jimmie & Vella Cameron – Be Fair To Me (1980)
Bohannon – Take The Country To N.Y. City (1981)
Motivation – Are You Ready (1983)
Khemistry – Sucker For The Boogie (1982)
Mariko Tone – Broken Eyes (1985)
Pointer Sisters – Dare Me (1985)
Booker Newberry III – I Get Romantic (1982)
Cashmere – Light Of Love (1983)
J.M.T. - Band – Just Your Love (1981)
Crown Heights Affair – Think Positive! (1982)
Luther Vandross – Give Me The Reason (1986)
International Music System I.M.S. – Dancing Therapy (1984)
Dr!ve – Down & Out [Doctr Out Remix] (2017)
Roxi Drive – See It In Your Eyes [Remix] (2017)


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