Boogie Cops part 3

Another episode of Boogie Cops! Again some soulful (underground) disco tracks from the late seventies and early eighties, with a few exceptions. I tried to make the Michael Jackson classic spookier by adding more of Vincent Price’s raps and a few horror effects, like MJ’s voice… ;-) Spot the differences by listening to the first track of the mix and the original later on: Thriller by Michael Jackson

One of the best bands of today are The Noisettes. They sound a little bit like Amy Winehouse, but their vocals are much deeper. And their lyrics are quite nice to listen to. They have a new single out ‘Every now and then’ which is so good! In this mix I used ‘Never forget you’. Picture by Chicagos-Finest

Full tracklist:

Michael Jackson – Thriller [Eddy’s Horrific Edit] (1982)
Quincy Jones – You’ve Got It Bad Girl (1973)
Anthony White – Stop And Think It Over (1976)
Noisettes – Never Forget You (2009)
Rice & Beans Orchestra – You’ve Got Magic (1977)
Starship Orchestra - All Those Things (Aquillas Coisas Todas) (1980)
The Moments – I’ve Got The Need (1975)
Blue Feather – Call Me Up (1981)
Sweet Blindness – Sweet Blindness (1976)
Atlanta Disco Band – Bad Luck (1975)
TJM – Don’t Need No Music (1979)
Eddie Kendricks – Date With The Rain [JM Sunshine Sound Mix]
Ruby Andrews – I Wanna Be Near You (1977)
Bottom Line – That’s The Way To Go (1976)
TTF (Today Tomorrow Forever) – Astro Boogie (1979)
Vera Dorjean – Just Gimme A Sign [Eddy’s Edit] (1988)
The O’Jays – Get On Out And Party (1979)



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