Boogie Cops!

Picture by DottieboBottie
It’s time for some good old-fashioned disco! In this case boogie not only means (post) disco music from the late seventies and early eighties, but most of all soulful (underground) disco. Johnnie Taylor’s ‘You’re The Best In The World’ has been used for the excellent ‘Squeeze me’ from Dutch dance-act Kraak & Smaak last year.

And if you listen to Jennifer Lopez after the disco classic of Tavares you’ll understand why I squeezed her in... ;-)

Thanks to F. and Andrew 'Lovefingers' Hogge for the inspiration!

Full tracklist:

Julia & Company – Breakin’ Down (Sugar Samba) (1983)
Toba – Moving Up (1982)
Margie Joseph – Knockout (1982)
Voyage – Point Zero / From East To West (1978)
El Coco – Cocomotion (1978)
Montana – The Toys Come To Life (1978)
Don Ray – Body And Soul [Edit] (1978)
Eddie Gale – Black Rhythm Happening (1969)
Carl Carlton – Everlasting Love (1974)
Father’s Children – Hollywood Dreaming (1979)
Tavares – It Only Takes A Minute (1975)
Jennifer Lopez – Hold It, Don’t Drop It (2007)
DeVarne – Kiss You Everywhere (1983)
Fatback Band – Baby I’m-a Want You (1972)
Hypnotics – Beware Of The Stranger (1973)
Brooklyn People – Boogie Man (1975)
Heaven & Hell Orchestra – Watcha Gonna Do (1979)
Johnnie Taylor – You’re The Best In The World (1976)
Family Of Eve – Having It So Bad For You [Disco Tom Edit] (1980)


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