Last Days Of Disco

This podcast is a tribute to the movie ‘Last days of disco’. You have to check the dvd out, because it’s piled with good quotes about disco! The Nuyorican Soul (Kenny 'Dope' Gonzalez and Lil' Louis Vega) track was especially made for ‘The last days of disco’.

The beautiful Kate Beckinsale (‘Underworld’) has one of the leading parts, although she plays a real bitch in it… The declining of disco in the early eighties is a metaphor for the disappearance of youth. Going out is no longer priority number one for the main characters.

In this LDOD tribute you can hear the killer dance track ‘Funk it up’ by Sweet. Glam artists of the seventies like David Bowie (‘Fame’ and ‘Golden years’), Glitter Band (‘Makes you blind’) and Mud (‘Shake it down’) made successful moves to the dance floor (the guitar player of Mud, Rob Davis, wrote ‘Can't get you out of my head’ for Kylie Minogue). Funk and disco music seemed to go very well with glam rock in the seventies. At least the musicians wore the same clothes…

Kraftwerk is perhaps the most influential band ever. The first generation hip hop artists like Grandmaster Flash and Afrika Bambaata used their electronic beats. But the four funky Germans also inspired electro bands, like the Human League and Depeche Mode and laid the foundation for techno. Kraftwerk started and closed the disco period. The song you hear ('Sex object') is not the digitally remastered version that came out last year. It's from their album 'Techno pop' (formally known as 'Electric café').

At the last minute I put in a track from the exciting new Hall & Oates tribute album by The Bird and the Bee. I edited ‘I can’t go for that’ a little bit to make it fit better. And before that you can listen to a forgotten gay disco classic by Genesis. I heard it in the movie ‘I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry’ last week.

Thanks to Nicolas for reminding me of Cheyenne!


Kraftwerk – Sex Object (1986)
ABC – Vanity Kills [Abigail’s Party Mix] (1985)
One Way – Let's Talk (1985)
Sweet – Funk It Up (1977)
Tortured Soul – Unsteady [Eddy’s Edit] (2009)
Uptown Funk Empire – We Stand At The Back At The Bus (2009)
India And Nuyorican Soul – I Love The Nightlife (1998)
Jimmy Ross – First True Love Affair [A Larry Levan Mix] (1981)
Snoopy – It’s All In The Bible (1979)
Cheyenne – Ev’ry Time I See You (1982)
DC LaRue – Cathedrals [Greg Wilson Edit]
Eddy Rosemond – (Wake Up And Move) Funk It (1979)
Euro Funk – Everybody’s Dancing (1982)
Standing Room Only – Take A Chance (1982)
Genesis – Follow You, Follow Me (1978)
The Bird And The Bee – I Can’t Go For That [Eddy’s Edit] (2010)


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