Soul Searching #9

Whoops, there it is, the long awaited Soul Searching number 9! Last year I tried to play ‘Shadow’ from Motown songwriter R. Dean Taylor on an American online radio station. But they were afraid that 'it would not go down so well with everybody', because of its lyrics. So they refused to put my show online. This is strange, because the song came out as a single on a Motown sub-label and no one complained about the lyrics at the time. Times have changed, to paraphrase Bob Dylan. The E.G. Daily video has the same Lolita theme as the R. Dean Taylor track.

American Gypsy is best known for their track 'Inside out', which is much sampled (by DJ Shadow and Groove Armada, for instance). This funk band never had any big hits, but I like 'I'm OK, You're OK' a lot! The song was written by Piet Souer, the same guy who played guitar on 'The troubadour', the Eurovision Songcontest winner of 1969...


American Gypsy – I'm O.K. You're O.K. (1979)
Baker-Harris-Young – Take My Body Now (1978)
Benny Golson – Happy, I’m Happy (1978)
Cleveland Eaton – Natural Rhythm (1976)
The Fabulous Waller Family – Get Up And Dance (1980)
Fania All Stars – El Himno Del Amor (1976)
Candido – Thousand Finger Man (1969)
Charles Mann – Do It Again (1973)
David Grant & Jaki Graham – Could It Be I'm Falling In Love (1985)
Sheila E. – The Glamorous Life [Part 1] (1984)
E.G. Daily – Say It, Say It (1985)
Jack Ashford – Las Vegas Strut (1978)
Evie Sands – One Thing On My Mind (1975)
Uptown Funk Empire – I Used To Spend My Time (2009)
Sven Hammond Soul – Crooked Shoe [Part 2] (2010)
Candi Staton – I'm Just A Prisoner (Of Your Good Lovin') (1970)
Irma Thomas – Long After Tonight Is All Over (1964)
George Semper – Get Out Of My Life Woman (1969)
R. Dean Taylor – Shadow (1970)


Dazler said…
A nice selection as usual!

I think the hi-light for me though was Baker, Harris & Young - What a track!

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