Soulful Takes And Breaks 2

Part 1 of ‘Soulful takes and breaks’ was quite a success on Mixcloud, so hopefully part 2 will work for you as well. It’s always good to hear the voice of Del Shannon. For a long time dj’s in the US thought he was Afro-American, because of his high falsetto voice. That’s why his first hit ‘Runaway’ entered the R&B charts as well. I love the magical sounds of the self built Musitron (early synthesizer) played by Max Crook.

In his heyday Del Shannon wrote songs and played together with guitarist Dennis Coffey. He was a Detroit session musician for Motown and Hot Wax and the same guy who brought us the outstanding soundtrack for the Blaxploitation movie ‘Black Belt Jones’. In the 1970s Del Shannon became a country rock singer. His life ended tragically when he shot himself on the 8th of February 1990. ‘What kind of fool do you think I am’ (best known by the Tams) in this mix was produced by Jeff Lynne (Electric Light Orchestra) and was released after his death.


Sly & the Family Stone – Remember Who You Are (1979)
Laura Lee – If You Can’t Beat Me Rockin’ (1972)
The Meters – Handclapping Song (1970)
The Ohio Players – Who’d She Coo (1976)
Elaine & Ellen – Fill Me Up (1979)
Gaznevada – Special Agent Man [Female Version] (1983)
Evelyn King – I'm In Love (1981)
Fatback – On The Floor (1982)
Sven Hammond Soul – Svoogaloo (2010)
Kenny Carter – What’s That On Your Finger (1966)
Del Shannon – What Kind Of Fool Do You Think I Am (1991)
Ronnie Walker – No One Else Will Do (1974)
Eddie Drennon & The B.B.S. Unlimited – Let's Do The Latin Hustle [A Tom Moulton Mix] (1975)
Jazz Crusaders – It’s Your Thing (1969)
Inez Foxx – You Don't Want My Love (All You Want Is My Loving) (1973)
Sound Experience – Devil With The Bust (1974)
Caress – Love Spell (1979)



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