Still A Mellow Fellow

Here are a handful of intimate songs for intimate moments. When the mix is closing down, you can take a few dance steps with your (imaginary) lover too... In interviews Tom Moulton always sounds a little bit grumpy, but his Philly remixes are superb. So look out for his latest album called ‘Philly Re-grooved ’on Harmless Records! I tried to copy the Tom Moulton trick and DJ Dazler will play my Guilty [of stealing from Dimitri and Tom] remix of First Choice on his Dazling Soul Show on the 25th of September. Check it out, if you can!

More Danny Krivit edits on his new album ‘Edits by Mr. K Vol 2: Music of the earth’ on Strut. DJ Dazler was a little disappointed after hearing the album and I agree with him to a certain extent. I like the jazz-funk approach of Mr. K., but the edits sound best in a mix when you go from one track to another. When I listen to them as an album, I start to lose interest after two or three tracks. The edits turn out to be quite alike.

If you like this mix, check out I’m a mellow fellow as well! The ‘mellow fellow’ episodes are inspired by ‘The trip created by Saint Etienne’. Enjoy!


Leon Haywood – It’s Got To Be Mellow (1976)
The Fleetwoods – Come Softly To Me (1959)
Eliza Doolittle – Missing (2010)
Elske DeWall – Balloon Over Paris (2010)
Ernie Hines – Electrified Love (1972)
Barbara Mason – Give Me Your Love (1972)
Tim Hardin – Speak Like A Child (1967)
Bill Withers – Hello Like Before (1975)
Ronnie Walker – Just Can’t Say Hello (1975)
The Stylistics – Hey Girl, Come And Get It (1974)
The Delphonics – I Told You So [A Tom Moulton Mix] (2010)
The Softones – Call It Love (1977)
The Fabulous Waller Family – Can You Dance Like Me? (1980)
Full Flava Feat. Carleen Anderson – Was That All It Was (2007)
Incognito (Feat. Mario Biondi & Chaka Khan) – Low Down (2010)
Midnight Movers – Follow The Wind [Danny Krivit Edit[ (2010)
52nd Street – Express (1982)


Dazler said…
Very nice!

And the 52nd Street track was a real pleasant surprise!

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