Dance & Be Happy

It’s a good motto for this weekend: dance and be happy! It's also the title of a song from the ‘Love man’ sessions from Marvin Gaye. Due to his difficulties with Motown the song never officially made it to an album, which is a pity. It has the same quality as the songs from his creative peak in the early and mid-1970s. Some of the songs appeared (in different versions) on 'In our lifetime' in 1981.

In this mix I used a re-edit I made, ‘Move for me’ from Output. I left out a horrible rap and put in some extra instruments and vocals. It sounds a little bit Chic-ish now. Output was a project from Jerome Prister. Later on he was part of Secret Weapon (known for 'Must be the music').

A female vocalist that has a very nice ‘seventies vibe’ is Ntjam Rosie. Check out her latest album ‘Elle’ which is really nice!


Lee Armstrong Express – Chicken N Waffles (2002)
The Gap Band – Shake (1979)
The Perfect Circle – The Hands Of Time (1977)
Satisfaction Unlimited – Seeing You Through The Eyes Of A Stranger (1972)
Jack Ashford – Las Vegas Strut (1978)
Indeep – Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (1983)
Output – Move For Me [Eddy’s Edit] (1983)
Eric BenĂ©t – Take It (2010)
Chanson – Why (1978)
Chaka Khan – Fate (1981)
Marvin Gaye – Dance ‘N’ Be Happy (1979)
Smokey Robinson – Baby That's Backatcha (1975)
Johnny Pate – Brother On The Run (1973)
Cleveland Eaton – Bo’s Blue (1976)
Street Corner Symphony – That’s What Girls Are Made For (1976)
Ntjam Rosie – Here (2010)


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