Boombox IV - Post Disco & Lazer Soul

More electronic soul music to play on your old school ghetto blaster! This fourth part of ‘Boombox’ is partly inspired by the trailer of the movie 'Take me home tonight' (I haven't seen the movie yet). In the 1980s the curtains started to close down on disco music, but I like the spirit of the uplifting dance songs of that decade. This mix contains almost literally the last steps of disco and the first of hip hop, house and swingbeat, the forerunner of RnB.

Apart from post-disco I use the relatively unknown term ‘lazer soul’ to describe the mix. This is the definition of ‘lazer soul’ in the urban dictionary (from Baron Von Luxxury):

Term for mid-eighties old school R&B ala The Gap Band, Zapp, Midnight Star, Starpoint, Lakeside, ect. It is flashy synth driven pop soul music with a four on the floor disco dance beat. Term was coined by the music blog Beat Electric. It is always spelled with a Z, not an s.

There’s also room in this mix for current dance music that is heavily inspired by the 1980s, like the songs from Sam Sparro and Hot Chip. Actress Marisa Tomei (picture) summarized the spirit of the decade the shortest and the best way in the excellent movie ‘The wrestler’: ‘Fuckin' eighties man, best shit ever!

Picture above from Kesykissaa.


Enchantment ‎– Somebody’s Loving You (1983)
Ford & Lopatin – Emergency Room (2011)
Hot Chip – Let Me Be Him (2012)
Sam Sparro – I Wish I Never Met You (2012)
ABC – The Night You Murdered Love [The Whole Story] (1987)
Criminal Element Orchestra ‎– Put The Needle To The Record (1987)
Raze ‎– Break 4 Love (1988)
Sydney Youngblood – If Only I Could (1990)
Kleeer – Tonight's The Night (Good Time) (1979)
Chordasian – Black Eye (2012)
Nancy Edwards ‎– Turn Me On (1987)
Freeez ‎– I.O.U. [Megamix] (1983)
Shannon – Give Me Tonight (1984)
Armed Gang – Love Shot (1983)
Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam – Let The Beat Hit ‘Em (1991)
Linda Lewis ‎– Class/Style (I've Got It) [Hip Hop Mix] (1983)
Midnight Star ‎– Midas Touch (1986)
Doug E. Fresh And The Get Fresh Crew – The Show (1985)
Cherrelle – When You Look In My Eyes [Northern Rascal Extended Jam 2012] (1984)


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