Funky Chillin' On A Summer Afternoon

And now something completely different, to quote British comedian John Cleese in his Monty Python years. For this mix I was inspired by the new yacht rock album from Mayer Hawthorne 'Where does this door go' and recent chill wave mixes from Walter Sobcek, Overboard Yacht and Hey Champ. The roots of the last mentioned can be traced outside of Chicago in nearby Rockford, where band members Saam Hagshenas (Vocals, Guitar) and Jonathan Marks (Drums) discovered their love of music at a young age. They were discovered by Lupe Fiasco in the fall of 2008, who took them on a nation-wide tour. Their music incorporates influences from disco, house and indie rock to the power-pop of Rockford’s hometown heroes Cheap Trick and the synth-heavy productions of Giorgio Moroder and Trevor Horn. I borrowed bits and pieces from their 'Winner's Circle Volume 3: COOL IN THE POOL'. And I used a snippet of 'Grasshopper Meets Bryan Ferry Uptown', a new remix of 'Don't Stop The Dance'. Enjoy my attempt to create some kind of soulful yacht rock mix! Next week I will take the summer soul express. Picture from Tim Phillips.


Richard Tee ‎– First Love (1979)
Leon Ware – That's Why I Came to California (1982)
Earth, Wind & Fire – That’s The Way Of The World (1975)
Zbonics – She Danced Across The Floor (2013)
Idris Muhammad – Could Heaven Ever Be Like This (1977)
Holger Czukay – Cool In The Pool [Hey Champ Edit] (1979)
Kid Creole & The Coconuts – I’m A Wonderful Thing (Baby) (1982)
Luther Vandross – Sugar And Spice [Hey Champ Edit] (1981)
Bryan Ferry – Don’t Stop The Dance (1985)
Starbuck – Moonlight Feels Right [Tom Of Finland Mix] (1975)
Poolside – California Sunset (2012)
Daft Punk Feat. Julian Casablancas – Instant Crush (2013)
Future World Orchestra – Desire (1982)
Marcos Valle – Estrelar (1983)
Steely Dan – The Fez (1976)
Spectral Display – It Takes A Muscle To Fall In Love (1982)
Phoenix ‎– Trying To Be Cool [Walter Sobcek Remix] (2013)
First Touch – Carimbo (2013)
Incognito Feat. Mario Biondi & Chaka Khan – Lowdown (2010)


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