Roller Girl Boogie

Quite a few songs about roller-skating and some others to keep you in the roller skating mood! One of them is ‘Can’t leave you alone’ from George McCrae. Along with wife Gwen McCrae, Miami-based artist George McCrae was a prime mover on the early disco front with his ultra-smooth millionselling classic 'Rock Your Baby' in 1974. Born in 1944 in West Palm Beach, he formed his own vocal group in the early 1960s, which eventually included his future wife Gwen. They soon began working as a duo, and when Gwen found success as a solo act, George became her manager as well as backing vocalist.

With disco pioneers Harry Wayne Casey and Richard Finch of KC & the Sunshine Band producing and writing his output on Henry Stone's T.K. label, McCrae had a worldwide hit with 'Rock Your Baby', originally intended as a single for Gwen. It heralded the disco craze and was followed by the double-sided hit ‘Can't Leave You Alone’/’I Get Lifted’ (with a killer bassline!). But by the lack of good material, because of a dispute with T.K., McCrae's fortunes slipped, just when disco became big by the end of the decade. Although he continued recording during the 1980s and 1990s, he only charted in Europe with 1984's ‘One Step Closer (To Love)’. After a long absence from recording and releasing material, he returned in 2009 with ‘Time for a Change’ (source: More about George McCrae in this Dutch article. Pictures from Darryl Darko. Enjoy!


Prince & The New Power Generation ‎– Strollin’ (1992)
Bob Esty – Roller Boogie (1979)
Al Wilson – Earthquake [Eddy’s ‘Million Dollar Disco’ Edit] (1979)
Vinzerrelli ‎– Skate Dancer (1980)
Sharon Redd ‎– Never Give You Up (1982)
Le Youth – Cool (2013)
Brown Sugar – Don’t Tie Me Down [Alkino Rework] (1976)
Hey Champ (feat. BeuKes) – Comet (2013)
Phoenix – Entertainment [Robotaki Remix] (2013)
Arnaud L’Aquarium – We Are The Robots (2013)
Sapphire – Come And Dance With Me (1981)
Champagne – Rollerball (1979)
Cháilo ‎– Let's Skate (1980)
George McCrae – Can’t Leave You Alone [Schratchandsniff’s Extended Re-rub] (1974)
Shift – Roller Rink Funk
Eliza Doolittle – Rollerblades (2010)


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