Cooling Out On A Quiet Afternoon

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Nothing feels better than cooling out on a quiet afternoon! Track 3 is from powerful soul duo Lady:

“All you have to do is listen to Lady once, and you’ll remember — in case you forgot — why they call it soul music. The honesty, the aching sweetness, the raw power of these singers and their songs will remind you that nothing can move you as much, or touch you as deeply, as two women with amazing voices singing in tight harmony. Lady is the new collaborative project by Terri Walker and Nicole Wray. This unexpected transatlantic pairing was born out of a shared love of soul music and the resulting album – also entitled Lady – is a modern day interpretation of the classic sounds pioneered by labels such as Stax, Atlantic, and Motown. Lady unites the mellowness and pop flair of 60s soul with the driving beat of hip-hop, and the silky rhythms of modern R&B. These two powerful voices harmonize to create a fresh sound that tells the stories of growing up and never giving up, of love and friendship, of yearning and losing, bad girls and good hearts.” (Quote:

Another outstanding track is the one from Kisses. This is what wrote about their latest album:

"Kisses' first album, the lo-fi, home recorded-sounding The Heart of the Nightlife, was inspired by Jesse Kivel's friendship with disco maestro Alec R. Costandinos and the time they spent together listening to old disco records. On Kisses' second album, the much colder and more '80s-inspired Kids in L.A., it would seem that Kivel, his musical partner Zinzi Edmundson, and producers Pete Wiggs (of Saint Etienne) and Tim Laracombe, spent time hanging out with Peter Hook, the guys in OMD, and Afrika Bambaataa. New Order-style basslines are all over the album, the synths are very cold and "synth pop," and many of the beats are booming in the way that Bambaataa's were, especially on the uptempo tracks."



Leroy Hutson – Cool Out (1975)
Weldon Irvine – I Love You (1976)
Marvin Gaye – Time To Get It Together (1978)
Lady – Hold On (2013)
Steely Dan – I Got The News [ET 2013 Edit]
Lonnie Liston Smith – Never Too Late (1983)
Kisses – The Hardest Part [Jensen Sportag Remix] (2013)
Donald Fagen – Memorabilia (2013)
Rumer – Be Nice To Me (2012)
Main Ingredient – No Tears (In The End) (1972)
Avani – Teardrops (2004)
Bobby Womack ‎– I Wish He Didn't Trust Me So Much (1985)
Jerry Butler – (I'm Just Thinking About) Cooling Out (1978)
Eddie Kendricks – Intimate Friends (1977)
Lee Ritenour Feat. Eric Tagg – Is It You? (1981)
52nd Street – I Can’t Let You Go (1986)
Klymaxx – Offer I Can’t Refuse (1982)
Dam Funk – Someone Tell Me (2013)


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