AOR On The Radio: Soft Rock & Smooth Grooves

Picture: Clive Owen (Blood Ties)

This mix is inspired by the album 'AOR' from Ed Motta and his excellent mix for Wax Poetics: AOR with a funky, jazzy (Latin) twist. Ed Motta told Wax Poetics:

“This is the music I grew up listening to: Christopher Cross, Steely Dan, Doobie Brothers, Alessi Brothers, all these things, but in the last five years I’ve become obsessed with AOR, and I started to write many, many, many songs. Even Daft Punk called Paul Williams to be on their project. So, maybe it’s coming back a little, the idea of technical eloquence in music, nice musicians, nice solos…”

Enjoy this first part of AOR On The Radio!


Ed Motta – AOR (2013)
Janelle MonĂ¡e – The Chrome Shoppe (2013)
Mike D’Abo – Let It Roar (1970)
Sheree Brown – It’s A Pleasure (1981)
Ed Motta – Playthings Of Luv (2013)
Bobby Caldwell ‎– What You Won't Do For Love (1978)
Side Effect – Georgy Porgy (1980)
Marilyn Scott – Let's Not Talk About Love (1979)
Debra Laws – How Long (1981)
Sheila E. Feat. Gisa Vatcky – Mona Lisa (2013)
Steely Dan – Only A Fool (1972)
Mayer Hawthorne – Back Seat Lover (2013)
Eric Tagg – Living Off The Love (1977)
Alan Sorrenti ‎– Tu Sei L'Unica Donna Per Me (1979)
Nohelani Cypriano – Lihue (1979)
Andy Pratt – I Want To See You Dance [DJ Supermarkt Edit] (1977)
Incognito – Life Ain't Nothing But A Good Thing (2010)
Alphonse Mouzon ‎– Do I Have To (1981)
RCR – When There's Love Around (1980)
FINS – Baby In Blue (2012)
Ed Motta – AOR (2013)


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