Eddy's 80s Grooves Part 6 (Best Of 1982)

It was, in so many ways, a transitional year, a year of beginnings and endings, a year where the old guard began to fade as the new school emerged. So many sounds that defined the decade emerged in 1982 -- Thriller, of course, and also 1999, Rio, and The Lexicon of Love, Grandmaster Flash's groundbreaking "The Message," not to mention scores of new wave singles that crossed over thanks to the wild success of MTV and the clones that appeared in its wake. Truly, this 1982 is the year where new wave broke big: Human League, Dexys Midnight Runners, Adam Ant, and Soft Cell managed to leap across the Atlantic and score big hits in the U.S., something that was inconceivable just a year before, and they were merely the biggest of a flood of new romantics, post-punks, and synth-poppers.” (Allmusic.com)

Music critic Dan Carins described ‘The Message’ by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five in a 2008 edition of The Sunday Times: "Where it was inarguably innovative, was in slowing the beat right down, and opening up space in the instrumentation - the music isn't so much hip-hop as noirish, nightmarish slow-funk, stifling and claustrophobic, with electro, dub and disco also jostling for room in the genre mix - and thereby letting the lyrics speak loud and clear. Not only does the song utilize an ingenious mix of musical genres to great effect, but it also allows the slow and pulsating beat to take a backseat to the stark and haunting lyrical content."

Enjoy this sixth part of Eddy's 80s Grooves! Picture: Venice Beach Rollerskaters


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