Eddy's 80s Grooves Part 10 (Best Of 1986)

Picture: Joanne Catherall (Human League)
In 1986 traditional disco and soul had turned into mainstream pop music. For instance, Whitney Houston and Janet Jackson sang pop songs rather than R&B songs. Old school soul and disco did not exist anymore. House and hip hop took over in clubs, but not in the charts yet. The most successful R&B/pop producers were Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. They wrote and produced not only hit songs for Janet Jackson, but for The SOS Band and The Human League as well. They were the forerunners of what later would become swingbeat (or new jack swing) and modern R&B later on.

"First Circle were among the one-album wonders of '80s R&B; 1987's Boys' Night Out was their first album as well as their last. But had it not been for an unavoidable name change, it's quite possible that First Circle would have become much better known. Formed in 1977, the Brooklyn residents were originally called Crossbow but had changed their name to Full Circle by the time EMI released their catchy single "Workin' Up a Sweat" in late 1986. But that name change wasn't the problem; it was the one that came after that. "Workin' Up a Sweat" was climbing the R&B charts when they learned that there was a Boston-based jazz group that also had the name Full Circle; so for legal reasons, Full Circle became First Circle (which was also the name of an album by jazz guitarist Pat Metheny). The single was re-released with the group's new name, and they were going by First Circle by the time Boys' Night Out was released in 1987. But unfortunately for the former Crossbow/former Full Circle, the second name change caused a lot of confusion at radio and retail; as a result, Boys' Night Out was a commercial disappointment." (Quote: Allmusic.com)

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