Smooth Sailing: Sunny Skies & Soulful Sounds

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Enjoy this new episode of Smooth Sailing! Again a mixture of yacht pop, soft rock, easy listening, blue-eyed-soul and slow disco. Nikki Oosterwijk is a very talented Dutch singer who already sang on national Dutch television as a child, twelve years ago. Listen to her interpretation of the John Legend song that will surely give you goose bumps!

Another stand-out track is 'Rotation' by one of the founders of A&M records, Herb Alpert. "The song is introduced by hand percussion, bells and shakers. It is a soulful groover with a killer, soft-spoken keyboard line that's lite funk and hypnotic. A looped synth line enters in place of a bassline. Handclaps, fingersnaps, and Alpert's trumpet from the distance play a melody. Effects, washes, reverb, and mild distortion create a futuristic backdrop to this otherwise beautifully melodic tune. Alpert plays his in the pocket soul-drenched melody lines over the top and one of the first chillout tunes was born." (quote:

The tracks from Don Brown, Matthew Larkin Cassell, Keni Burke and Tavares are from two very good new compilation albums: 'Too slow to disco' and '80's Soul classics #5'. Check them out!


Kovacs – My Love (2014)
Nikki Oosterwijk – All Of Me (2014)
Commodores – Sail On (1979)
Colbie Caillat – Brighter Than The Sun (2011)
Don Brown – Shut The Door (1978)
Karen Blake – Anything At All (1986)
Dan Mastroianni – Just One Touch (1987)
Herb Alpert – Rotation (1979)
Eric Tagg – No One There (1982)
Rick Bowles – Your Loss (1982)
Keni Burke – Hang Tight (1982)
Tavares – Keep On (1981)
M-Swift – Evening Sun (2008)
Midnight Pool Party – Linger (2014)
Poolside – Can't Get You Off My Mind (2012)
Tennis – Cape Dory (2011)
Matthew Larkin Cassell – Rendezvous (1977)
Quiet Village – Keep On Rolling (2008)
Paris Sisters – Long After Tonight Is All Over (1966)
Dionne Warwick – Trains and Boats and Planes (1967)
Bel Heir – Free (2014)

Thanks to AOR Disco for helping me out with a few very good ideas. The mix is also available on Discogs.

Smooth Sailing: Sunny Skies & Soulful Sounds by Professor Eddy on Mixcloud


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