Eddy's Groove Flight 2

James Brown: All Aboard!
For those who like to groove, to quote Ray Parker Jr. Some kind of follow-up to Eddy's Groove Flight and more or less a spin-off from Night Flight that I made for AOR Disco recently. One of the songs I picked for Night Flight, 'Groove control' by Dynasty, did not fit in, so I came up with the idea to build a new mix around that track.

Thanks to Northern Rascal! His work was the inspiration for this mix. Apart from his two edits, I borrowed a few other tracks from his mixes (Players Association, D-Train and Billy Griffin). Those songs were some kind of foundation for this second episode of Groove Flight. The last song I added was the track by Child Actor (Natalie Plaza & Max Heath). Great new song, which fitted in quite well. Their debut album 'Never die' will be out on the 2nd of September.

This is the story that Swedish duo Moodblanc tell us about 'Make love' (which seems to have a sample of Donna Summer's 'Bad girls'):

"We walk down the Avenue Paul Signac and I wish you could see your self with my blue eyes. Then you would know just how beautiful you are. Those ember eyes, a glittering prize for anyone looking for the everlasting. I can sense that you are having a hard time taking in my somewhat, over the top, romantic notions. It makes you a bit uncertain, for sure, but I can't help my self. This is how you make me feel. I never paid any attention to lessons about the point of holding back a heart. Guided by neon lights I am taking you to Les Caves du Roy because it defies age and time. Just like my love for you. Outside the entrance of Byblos my aim is true. I'm gonna make you love me, I'm gonna make you need me, tonight..."


Lani Hall – Magic Garden [Northern Rascal Edit] (1979)
Patrice Rushen – Remind Me (1982)
Midnight Star – Feels So Good (1983)
Con Funk Shun – If You're In Need Of Love (1981)
Luther Vandross – I Really Didn't Mean It (1986)
The Strikers – Body Music (1980)
Cliff Dawson – I Can Love You Better (1982)
Timothy Marrow – Killer Moon (1985)
Child Actor – Last Time (2014)
Jo Lemaire + Flouze ‎– Je Suis Venue Te Dire Que Je M'En Vais (1981)
Cannons – Touch (2014)
Moodblanc – Make Love (2014)
Chemise – She Can't Love You (1982)
Dynasty – Groove Control (1981)
Linx – You’re Lying (1980)
Players Association ‎– Ride The Groove (1979)
Loose Ends – Emergency (Dial 999) [Northern Rascal Edit] (1984)
D-Train ‎– Music [Paul Hardcastle Remix] (1985)
Billy Griffin – Electrified (1985)
Freeez ‎– Southern Freeez (1981)

Eddy's Groove Flight 2 by Professor Eddy on Mixcloud


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