Smooth Sailing: Rocking Gently & Going Steady

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The boat rocks a bit, because this Smooth Sailing part differs a little from the others. There are more new songs, especially in the second part of the mix. One of the bands that I selected is on the new 'Guardians of the Galaxy' soundtrack as well: Native Americans Redbone. 'Come and Get Your Love' was their biggest hit in the US. It went to number five on the Billboard singles chart in 1974. The song was a minor success in the Netherlands. A year earlier Redbone released the politically oriented 'We Were All Wounded at Wounded Knee', which went to number one in the Netherlands, The song recalls the massacre of Lakota Sioux Indians by the Seventh Cavalry in 1890. It was initially withheld from release in the United States and then banned by several radio stations, because of its content. Eventually the song did not chart. 'Suzi girl' was their last hit in the Netherlands. It went to number 36 in 1975.

Jesus Alvarez, who sang 'Shame, Shame, Shame' next to blues singer Shirley Goodman as Shirley & Company, was throughout his career mostly active on the labels from Sylvia and Joe Robinson (All Platinum, Sugar Hill, Stang, Vibration, Turbo, etc.).One year after the success of the hit, Jesus Alvarez recorded the disco song 'Delicious' as the lead of The Duprees, the famous doo-wop group who were trying to cash in on the changing times. The song is on the album 'The Heritage Years' and available on Spotify. By 1981, Alvarez changed his first name to Jason, swore off the ‘evils’ of show biz and became a TV minister. I selected his solo single 'Sooner or later', which is on the compilation album 'Step inside my soul'

Beat Electric wrote this about 'Don't stop' by Ish:

"Don't Stop" by Ish is one of those sultry tracks that climbs and climbs, the lyrics and the music simply oozing sexuality. I love the escalating breakdown with the moaning and breathy vocals over it. Pure genius. It's a little cosmic, a little synth and a little disco all sort mixed up in this perfectly seductive tune that grooves on and on. It really does feel so good."

The song by Ish Ledesma (singer of Foxy) is also on the fourth Horse Meat Disco album that came out in June and the track by Drop Out Orchestra is one of the Opolopo remixes on 'Mutants volume 2'.

Enjoy this new Smooth Sailing trip! Thanks to DJ Supermarkt and Walter Sobcek for the inspiration.


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