Groovy, Sexy & Soulful Part 38 Sensual Soul Edition

Enjoy this 38th edition of ‘Groovy, sexy & soulful’! Mascara was a disco studio assemblage led by label owner of Ensign Records, Chris Hill and producer-songwriter Jürgen S. Korduletsch (Lipstique, Claudja Barry, Gaz, etc.) with singers David Lasley, Luther Vandross, and Ula Hedwig. The title track and the David Bowie cover 'Golden years' are the standout tracks on Mascara's only full-length album 'See you in L.A.', released in 1979. Korduletsch used the moniker to record 'Baja' as a solo-project 5 years later.

Picture: Alison Valentine


Lou Courtney ‎– What Do You Want Me To Do (1973)
Leroy Hutson ‎– All Because Of You (1975)
Cream De Coco – Disco Strut (1976)
The Temptations – Masterpiece (1973)
New World – We're Gonna Make It (1972)
Mascara – Golden Years (1979)
Technique ‎– (Looking For Someone To Love) Tonight (1983)
Lee Porter – Can You Make Love To A Disco Beat
Midnight Pool Party – If You Were Mine (Baby) (2014)
Rim And The Believers ‎– I'm Not Going To Let You Go (1983)
Larry Page Orchestra – Erotic Soul (1977)
Soccer – Come And Get It On (1980)
Herbie Hancock – Tell Everybody (1979)
Karen Young – Deetour [Party Mix] (1982)
Donna McGhee – I’m A Love Bug (1978)
Rainbow Team – Dreaming (1982)

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