Groovy, Sexy & Soulful Part 40 Love Town Edition

Picture: J.M. Shayer
Enjoy the Love Town edition of ‘Groovy, sexy and soulful’! One of the tracks is from Julio Gutierrez (the intro of the song was sampled by The Avalanches in 'Since I left you'):

"The great Julio Gutierrez emigrated from his native Cuba in the late ‘50s, pursuing his calling in both Miami and New York City with freelance stints as a composer, session pianist and musical director. Despite two very hip ‘60s Latin jazz LPs, Progressive Latin and Havana B.C., Gutierrez would never regain the stature he’d enjoyed in Cuba, where, in addition to leading the legendary Cuban Jam Sessions series, he’d been among his country’s best known modern bandleaders and composers. 1972 would perhaps represent the crowning year for the pornographic movie in its brief-lived moment of mainstream chic, and few soundtrack themes would better encapsulate its adults-only art-house cachet than Argentinean saxophonist Gato Barbieri’s 'Last Tango in Paris.' 1972 would also mark one of the final years of Gutierrez’s recording career, but if his would hereafter be one of diminishing visibility, it wasn’t for lack of audacity. Other Latin bandleaders like Mongo Santamaria, Willie Rosario and Tito Puente would tackle Barbieri’s continental boudoir anthem, but no one else would inject it with the same groovily psychedelic flair. Gutierrez died in New York City in 1990." (Quote: Office Naps)


Colin Vearncombe – The Way She Was Before (1999)
Donna Summer – The Woman In Me (1982)
Alex Lattimore – Kissing You (2008)
Nolen & Crossley – Salsa Boogie (1982)
Al Di Meola – South Bound Traveler (1991)
Sammy Davis Jr. ‎– Baretta's Theme (1976)
The Blackbyrds ‎– Rock Creek Park (1975)
Arthur Adams – Beale Street (1977)
Julio Gutierrez ‎– Last Tango In Paris (1973)
Esperanza Spalding – City Of Roses (2012)
Sensuàl – O Verão Em Amsterdam (2008)
Gary Bartz – Keep Goin' On (1980)
Millie Jackson & Isaac Hayes – Sweet Music, Soft Lights & You (1979)
Metropolis – I Love N.Y. (1978)
Ronn Matlock – Love City (1979)
William Pitt – City Lights (1987)
Jay P. Morgan – I Fall In Love Everyday (1976)
Gary Criss ‎– Rio De Janeiro [Eddy's Edit] (1978)
Booker Newberry III ‎– Love Town (1984)
Shaun Escoffery – Get Over (2014)

Groovy, Sexy & Soulful Part 40 Love Town Edition by Professor Eddy on Mixcloud


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