Last Train To The Boogie

Picture: Susan Meiselas
I started working on this mix when I heard ‘Midnight train’ on ‘Avonmore’ from Bryan Ferry: “This is Ferry's prime, a moment when his legacy was intact but yet to be preserved in amber. Avonmore consciously evokes this distinct period, sometimes sighing into the exquisite ennui of Avalon but usually favoring the fine tailoring of Boys & Girls, a record where every sequenced rhythm, keyboard, and guitar line blended into an alluring urbane pulse. Ferry isn't so much racing to revive a younger edition of himself as much as laying claim to this particular strand of sophisticated pop, one that happens to feel a shade richer now when it's delivered by an artist whose world-weariness has settled into his marrow but is yet to sadden him.” (Quote:

Earth, Wind & Fire
One of the biggest disco hits of all time, 'Boogie Wonderland', took Earth, Wind & Fire to the Top Ten on both the pop and R&B charts in 1979. For this mix I extended the intro of the song to build it up to a climax. It's one of the few records that paired two full-fledged groups successfully, the combination of EWF and the Emotions worked wonders here and it remains a classic of the period. But the lyrics of the song are quite dark, though, as writer Allee Willis explains: "When I saw (the movie) Mr. Goodbar, I got kind of fascinated with people who did go to clubs every night, whose life was kind of falling apart, but they lived for the night life, though it didn't seem to be advancing them as humans in the end. So if you really look at the lyrics of 'Boogie Wonderland', unlike 'September', it's not a happy song at all. It's really about someone on the brink of self-destruction who goes to these clubs to try and find more, but is at least aware of the fact that if there's something like true love, that is something that could kind of drag them out of the abyss." (Quote:

The Wildfire track (originally done by Peter Brown) is from the new compilation album 'Tropical Disco Hustle 2' and the Cassiano song is one of the tracks on 'Brazilian Boogie Connection'. I edited 'Streetplayer' by Chicago. The song was sampled by The Bucketheads, who turned it into 'The Bomb' ('These sounds fall into my mind') in 1995. The subtitle of the song is a mishearing by Masters At Work member Kenny Dope, who was the man behind The Bucketheads. The actual lyrics sung by Peter Cetera are "Street sounds swirling through my mind...".


Saint & Stephanie – Last Train To The Boogie (1979)
The Ebonys ‎– Making Love Ain't No Fun (Without The One You Love) [Jski Final Edit] (1976)
Lou Rawls ‎– Sit Down And Talk To Me (1979)
Theo Vaness – Stop It (1978)
Jerry Rix – Disco Train (1976)
Cassiano – Central Do Brasil (1976)
Earth Wind & Fire – Boogie Wonderland [Eddy's Edit] (1979)
Chicago – Street Player [Eddy's Edit] (1979)
Skyy – First Time Around (1979)
The Four Seasons – Who Loves You (1975)
"Sugar Bear" Johnson ‎– When Your Jones Come Down (1980)
Wildfire – Dance With Me (1980)
Black Rock – New York City Bump (1975)
Beckmanns Reise – Station 6 (2014)
Disco Despair Feat. Her Favorite Flavor – I’m No Good [Roisto Remix] (2015)
Bryan Ferry – Midnight Train (2014)

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