Boogie & Disco Grooves From The Crates

Enjoy the boogie and disco sounds on this new part of Grooves From The Crates! I selected a couple of ‘pure’ disco tracks to close the mix, but most of the tracks are from the post-disco era. Post-disco (sometimes simply called ‘boogie’) is a subgenre that came about around 1980. When disco seemed to take over all radio stations, a riot in Chicago took place on July 12, 1979, now known as Disco Demolition Night. It was an event to destroy a box of disco records by DJ Steve Dahl in a baseball stadium that got out of hand. This anti-disco happening marked the end of disco as mainstream, especially in the US. Dance music became more underground again, as it was before the movie ‘Saturday night fever’. As a response to over-commercialization and artistic downfall of disco culture, a more soulful and electronic driven form of dance music arose in clubs. Post-disco was a singles-driven market, controlled mostly by independent record companies that generated a cross-over chart success all through the early-to-mid-eighties decade. Most creative control was in the hands of record producers and club DJs, which was a trend that outlived the dance-pop era. Post-disco ended around 1988, when house took over commercially. Big names in the post-disco R&B genre were producers Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, James Mtume and Kashif, as well as Italian producers Jacques Fred Petrus, Mauro Malavasi and Davide Romani (the name of their band Change says it all!).

The song by Moment Of Truth was co-written by Norman Bergen who also co-wrote ‘Only a fool’ by Mighty Sparrow that I played on Smooth Sailing: Latin Soul & Cocktail Disco. The Four Tops would have sounded like The Moment Of Truth, if they had made a disco record! :-) The track by Needa is from the compilation album ‘Disco 2’ that is out on Soul Jazz Records.


Larry Graham – There’s Something About You (1980)
Positive Flow Feat. Omar – My Prediction [Opolopo Remix] (2015)
Kashif – Help Yourself To My Love (1983)
Womack & Womack ‎– Baby I'm Scared Of You (1983)
Love Unlimited ‎– I'm So Glad That I'm A Woman (1981)
Surface – Happy (1986)
Roy Ayers – Blue Summer (1987)
Mary Jane Girls – All Night Long (1983)
Soul II Soul – Keep On Moving (1989)
Change – Let’s Go Together (1985)
Gems For Jem – Even When You're Gone (1992)
Willie "Beaver" Hale – Groove On (1980)
Saint Tropez – On A Rein [Tansing Edit] (1977)
Moment Of Truth – Come On In (1977)
Needa – Rock-A-Freak (1979)
Veronica Unlimited – What Kind Of Dance Is This? (1977)
The Bean Brothers – Feel The Groove (1981)


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