Groovy, Sexy & Soulful Part 55 Autumn Edition

Enjoy this new part of ‘Groovy, sexy and soulful’! The opening track, ‘Fly away’ by Abraham (Abe) Battat, is a righteous combination of sonorous jazz guitar, crackling drums and warm acoustic piano. Floating through the tones as if in a private concert for you in your very living room, it is an earnest, honest vocal performance bringing a rainbow message of freedom and liberty to the world. The song is on a new compilation album called ‘Praise poems’ part 2, out on Tramp Records and originally the b-side of ‘Listen here’. Picture: Claudia Cardinale

Don't forget to listen next week, then there will be a new Smooth Sailing part!


Abraham Battat – Fly Away (1965)
Bonnie Dobson – Milk And Honey (1970)
Ambrosia ‎– You're The Only Woman (You & I) (1980)
Richard Martian & Co – Dawn (Part II) (1960s)
Paqua – We Came Far (2014)
Finnigan & Finlon – Seasons Of Doubt (1970s)
Pointer Sisters – Don’t It Drive You Crazy (1977)
Robert Palmer ‎– Respect Yourself (1995)
Linx – You’re Lying (1980)
Mark Williamson – I Need You (1979)
Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jr. – Nothing Can Stop Me (1976)
Hummingbird – You Can’t Hide Love (1977)
McGuinn, Clark & Hillman – Long Long Time (1979)
Adrian Gurvitz ‎– Classic (1982)
Maxine Weldon – Someone Loves You Honey (1975)
Bread – Guitar Man (1972)
Ju-Par Universal Orchestra – Time (1976)
Brenda Russell – Something I Like To Do (1981)
Maxine Nightingale – Reasons (1976)
Bridge – No Where Love Affair (1981)
Mayer Hawthorne – All Better (2013)


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