Rare Grooves From The Crates

Shante Slagle
Enjoy another set of Grooves From The Crates! The tracks by Mary Mundy and Betty Everett are from a brand new compilation album called ‘Disco Love 4’. Aside from releasing his own tunes and edits on Million Dollar Disco,Al Kent also dabbles in the fine art of compiling for BBE Music. It's the fourth time he's been picked to pull together cuts for the label's ‘Disco Love’ series. As you'd expect, this is choc-a-bloc with odd, hard-to-find B-sides from the late 1970s through to the early 1980s. His own edits are the perfect thing for DJ's who own the originals, but who wish them to be a little bit straighter and more kick driven.

The closing track is a new one by beautiful singer Mary Lake: https://marylake.bandcamp.com/releases


BT Express – Can’t Stop Groovin’ Now, Wanna Do It Some More (1976)
Cassiano – Central Do Brasil (1976)
Mary Mundy – Love Is Gone (1982)
The Entertainers – Pour Your Little Heart Out (1983)
Ripple – Victorious (1977)
Enlightment – Burning Flame (1984)
Platinum Hook – What You Want (1983)
Sunlightsquare – Nowhere To Run (2011)
Charlie Whitehead & The Swamp Dogg Band – Let’s Do It Again [Part 3] (1973)
Makonde – Manzara (1977)
Manchild – Walk With Me (1978)
The Brecker Brothers – Sneakin’ Up Behind You (1975)
Betty Everett – Prophesy (1977)
Cornelius Oliphant ‎– It's Your Turn To Cry (1986)
Mary Lake – My Heart (2016)


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