Funking Up The Dance Floor Again

To celebrate the fact that Funking Up The Dance Floor has reached more than 10K listens recently, I created a follow-up. It’s a cloudcast inspired by electro(nic) funkateers, like Bernie Worrell (Funkadelic), Kraftwerk and Giorgio Moroder. The latter released a new album last year, called 'Deja vu', at the age of 75. Moroder was born in Ortisei, Italy, on April 26, 1940. He moved to Munich, Germany, where he established his own studio, Musicland, and recorded his debut single 'Looky, looky' in 1969. His first album, 'Son of my father', was released three years later. Around that time Moroder was introduced to fellow musician Pete Bellotte, with whom he formed a production partnership. Together with German/American singer Donna Summer, the trio were to become one of the most powerful forces in the disco-era. Their success beginning with the release of 1974's 'The hostage', followed by their much copied sensual 'Love to love you baby' and their all-time electronic classic 'I feel love', which became a blue print for EDM.

The album ‘Amisana’ by Still Weavens came out a few weeks ago on Tokyo Dawn Records:
"The songs tell the story of holding on to what is important and rising above the sad and the square. Combining West Coast funk with East Coast attitude, ‘Amisana’ delivers gravitating waves of guitar and 80's synth soul back to Earth."

Plush – Coast To Coast (1982)
Cool Million Feat. Porter Carroll, Jr. – Oh! [Dimitri From Paris US Remix] (2016)
Still Weavens – Hold On To That Thing (2016)
Flamingosis Feat. Ian Ewing – Frugal Livin’ (2016)
Mac Attack – Art Of Drums [Instrumental] (1985)
Tuxedo – Right Time [M+M 80s Classic Mix] (2015)
Funk My Jesus – 24K (2014)
Cashmere – Let The Music Turn You On (1983)
BB & Q Band – All Night Long (She’s Got The Moves I Like) (1982)
Nathan McKinney – Very Special Lady (1983)
Footprintz – The Invisible (2013)
George Franklin Smallwood & Marshmellow Band ‎– You Know I Love You (1980)
Funkadelic – One Nation Under A Groove (1978)
Laurin Rinder & Michael Lewis – Lust (1977)
Dave Lee Feat. Ann Saunderson ‎– You're Not Alone [Joey Negro Club Mix] (2005)
Giorgio Moroder – Chase (1978)
Peter Godwin – French Emotions (1982)


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