Funking Up The Dance Floor Part 4

It’s Friday night boogie night, so turn on your groove control and get on the move! The opening track by Tuxedo is from their brand new album Tuxedo II that came out today:

"When it comes to crafting sparkling, historically accurate chunks of '80s soul and disco, few are quite as expert as Tuxedo. Further proof of Jake Dutton and Mayer Hawthorne's grasp of '80s electrofunk arrives in the shape of Tuxedo II, the follow-up to their eponymous 2015 debut album. With Dutton handling synths and drum machines and Hawthorne laying down superb, blue-eyed soul vocals, the album sparkles from start to finish. Naturally, many will spot the various reference points - from P-funk and Jam & Lewis productions, to Shalamar and the smooth grooves of Alexander O'Neal - but Tuxedo has always worn their influences with pride. Fundamentally, it's a hugely entertaining album full of sparkling, sing-along songs and life-affirming instrumentals." (Juno Download)

Ranman’s reviews wrote about 'Big fun' from the LP ‘Gonna have big fun’ by New Horizons:

“This album title track may conjure up thoughts of the 1982 Prince hit song, "1999", in that it's an upbeat and danceable little ditty. The bass geetar chugs nicely alongside the downbeat of the kick drum like a hand in glove. The synthesizer "Prince 1999" like horn stabs in the intro and synthesizer fills blends well with the overall rhythm section. The live horns gives "Big Fun" "the bite" it needs to have the lead and backround vocals do its thing. A fuzzed rock 'n roll guitar solo is effortlessly played and felt, you'll break out the air guitar in a heartbeat.”

Enjoy this 4th part of Funking Up The Dance Floor!


The Reddings – Back To The Basics (With Our Love) (1983)
B.T. Express – This Must Be The Night For Love (1982)
Enlightment – Burning Flame (1984)
Bridge – No Where Love Affair (1981)
Blackbyrds – Don’t Know What To Say (1980)
Blue Feather – Call Me Up (1981)
World Radio – Love Me Not (2016)
Mary Lake – My Heart (2016)
New Horizons – Big Fun (1984)
Pop Up! – Business (2016)
Cape Coral – Malibu Club (2017)
The O'Jays ‎– Put Our Heads Together (1983)
Jeff Lorber Band – Best Part Of The Night (1985)
Beverly Girl – Mind Games (2017)
Lenny White ‎– Didn't Know About Love (Till I Found You) (1983)
52nd Street – Never Give Up On You (1986)
Dynasty – Groove Control (1981)
Linx – You’re Lying (1980)
Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King – Your Personal Touch [Frankie Rodriquez’ Personally Touched Re-edit] (1985)
Curtis Hairston – The Morning After [Remix] (1987)
Kenny G. – Hi How Ya Doin’ (1984)
Advance – Take Me To The Top (1982)
Sharon Brown – I Specialize In Love [Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco Edit] (1982/2010)
Vicki D – This Beat Is Mine [Fingerman's Disco Beatdown]
Unique – What I Got Is What You Need [Dub] (1983)
David Joseph – You Can't Hide (Your Love From Me) (1983)
Nina – Purple Sun (2016)
Kid Francescoli – The Player (2017)


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