Smooth Sailing: Funky Chill & Radio Pop

Joan Smalls & Anja Rubik (Instagram)
Let the sun shine in and enjoy this new edition of Smooth Sailing! The first hour is the funky chill part, followed by an hour of oldschool radio pop.

‘Still the one’ by Orleans kicks off Top 100 Yacht Rock Songs by Hello, Loser:

"Don’t be confused by the five naked shirtless men of Orleans – these guys LOVE the ladies. Ok, maybe you should be a little concerned for the second guy over since he’s about an inch away from touching the first guy’s nipple, but whatever. Chicks dig hairy chests…particularly in the 70s.

“Still the One” was actually written by band member John Hall’s wife, Johanna, on a napkin at a restaurant. John wrote the music in about 15 minutes. This is ironic because the lyrics describe a man’s feelings for a woman with whom he has a long lasting relationship with. So basically the process for composing this song is kind of similar to buying your girlfriend a card and flowers the morning of Valentine’s Day – maybe you didn’t put a lot of thought into it, but it gets the job done.


…just after your long-time girlfriend shows up for an afternoon cruise around the bay, even though you really wanted to go with the girl you met last week… "


Part 1 Funky Chill

Boubou – Coffee Lover (2016)
Earth, Wind & Fire – Devotion (1975)
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 ‎– What The World Needs Now (1969)
Greg Yoder – Things Were So Easy (1976)
On June – Stuck On You (2016)
José González – Killing For Love [Todd Terje Brokeback Mix] (2008)
Antena – Camino Del Sol [Todd Terje Remix] (2007)
Moonshoes – Someone (2013)
Ekkoes – Selfcontrol (2016)
Petite Meller – Milk Bath (2016)
Emilio Santiago – O Amigo De Nova York (1983)
Sensuàl – Tique-Tim (2008)
The Camfonics – No Need To Be All Alone (2016)
Jean-François Maurice – 28º À L'Ombre (1978)
Parcels – Hideout (2017)

Part 2 Radio Pop

Hawaii – Lady Of My Heart (1980)
Karla Bonoff ‎– Personally (1982)
Orleans – Still The One (1976)
Bill Withers – Take It All In And Check It All Out (1972)
Gordon Lightfoot – All The Lovely Ladies (1975)
Scott Jarrett – Miles Of Sea (1980)
Phil Upchurch & Tennyson Stephens – Don’t I Know You (1975)
Bojoura – The Letter (1974)
Linda Ronstadt ‎– It's So Easy (1977)
Patrick Simmons – Too Long (1983)
Anthony White ‎– Hey Baby (1976)
Elliot Lurie – Just Another Music Man (1975)
Debra Anderson ‎– Funny How We've Changed Places (1974)
Anacostia – All I Need (1975)
Billy Ocean ‎– Love Really Hurts Without You (1975)
Stargard – What You Waitin’ For (1978)
Alton McClain – Your Love Is All I Need (2016)


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