Mellow Moods: Soft Rock For Summer Days

The Smooth Operators present to you a new episode of Mellow Moods: Soft Rock For Summer Days. Soft rock is a musical subgenre that originated in the early days of rock and roll and developed into a separate radio format on FM in the early 1970s. It can be described as a style of light, melodic, radio-friendly rock music. It employs clean, highly polished production values and arrangements.

Before Heart became big in all kinds of ways in the US (big hair, big sound, big sales, big stadiums), they had a more intimate folk-rock sound. The band led by the American sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson started their career in Canada. They had a couple of hits around the mid-seventies in the Netherlands, like 'Magic man', 'Crazy on you' and 'Dreamboat Annie'. Martijn Soetens and I selected the latter for this soft rock part of Mellow Moods by The Smooth Operators. When their commercial success seemed to dry up, Heart signed to Capitol Records and their first album for their new label was simply titled Heart (1985). Their move (back) to the US coincided with a glam metal makeover that included minimizing the acoustic and folk sounds characteristic of their early work. The album reached number one, sold five million copies and launched four Top-10 hits: 'What About Love' (No. 10, 1985), 'Never' (No. 4, 1985), the chart-topping 'These Dreams' (1986) and 'Nothin' at All' (No. 10, 1986). A fifth single, 'If Looks Could Kill' also charted, giving the band five hit singles from the same album for the first time. At that point they were one of the leading arena rock bands.


Player – Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid (1981)
Con Funk Shun – California 1 (1981)
The Doobie Brothers – Dependin’ On You (1978)
Wendy Waldman – Long Hot Summer Nights (1978)
Ambrosia – Biggest Part Of Me (1980)
Mayer Hawthorne - The Valley (2016)
Night Plane – Who Knows (1982)
Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds – Fallin’ In Love (1975)
Young Gun Silver Fox – You Can Feel It (2015)
David Roberts – Wrong Side Of The Tracks (1982)
Larsen-Feiten Band – She’s Not In Love (1980)
Christopher Cross – Ride Like The Wind (1979)
Carly Simon – Tranquillo (Melt My Heart) (1978)
Pages – The Sailor’s Song (1979)
America – Indian Summer (2006)
John Mayer – Rosie (2017)
Jethro Tull – Look Into The Sun (1969)
Heart – Dreamboat Annie (1976)
Breeze – It's Only A Matter Of Time (1978)
Jiva – Hey Brother (1975)
Mud – All I’ve Got To Give (1976)
Brandye – How Long (1978)
Archie James Cavanaugh ‎– Light Unto The Sun (1980)
Deliverance ‎– Leaving L.A. (1979)
Anne Murray ‎– Shadows In The Moonlight (1979)
Anouk – Better Off Alone (2011)
Rita Coolidge – I Believe In You (1971)
The Lovin' Spoonful ‎– Didn't Want To Have To Do It (1966)
Fleetwood Mac – Over & Over (1979)
Poco ‎– You Better Think Twice (1970)
Geyster – A Place In The Sun (2017)
Kris Berry – Hold On (2017)
The Jeremy Spencer Band – Sunshine (1979)
Night – Hot Summer Nights (1979)


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