Smooth Sailing: Summer Wine & Samba Time

Joan Smalls (by Chris Colls)
The track by Jim Spencer is from the upcoming compilation ‘Seafaring Strangers: Private Yacht’, out next month:

“With pop music's volume knob adjusted for deflation in the early '70s, softness begat smoothness. Crewmen arrived from the worlds of jazz, folk, rock and soul, all peddling a product that was sincere, leisurely and lofty. A sound that was buoyant, crisp, defined. Sometimes classified as west-coast and, later, yacht rock, the focus is on blue-eyed harmonies in the vein of f.i. Hall & Oates, the cocaine-dusted Fender Rhodes of Michael McDonald, or the combover strums of James Taylor.”

It’s not exactly smooth music, but ‘Summer wine’ written and sung by Lee Hazlewood (in a duet with Nancy Sinatra) is an outstanding summer song. It describes a summer love as some kind of a drug (‘my head felt twice its size’) in a very poetical way. It seems to be sung by an old villain and an innocent girl. It’s the well-known theme of Little Red Riding Hood (the wolf and the maiden).

The single from MF Robots (“music for robots”) is taken from their debut album which is out on September 22. The band is created by Jan Kincaid and Dawn Joseph, who met while performing in the jazz-funk band The Brand New Heavies. Kincaid was a founding member, drummer and main songwriter, while Joseph joined later as a featured vocalist. The creative spark between the two soon led to the dynamic duo writing and creating music together.

Enjoy the summer wine and the samba time on this new Smooth Sailing trip! Next week it's time to funk up the dance floor again.


MF Robots – Come On With The Good Thing (2017)
Jacksoul – Still Believe In Love (2003)
FKJ – Skyline (2017)
Black Mighty Wax Feat. Andy Rise – In The Summertime (2011)
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood – Summer Wine (1966)
Gary Wright ‎– Dream Weaver (1975)
Bohannon – Save Their Souls (1973)
Seals & Crofts – Summer Breeze (1972)
George Nasif – Don’t Let The Devil (1983)
Loggins & Messina ‎– Thinking Of You (1972)
Jim Spencer ‎– Wrap Myself Up In Your Love (1979)
Smokie ‎– It's Your Life (1977)
Wayne Wade – Lady (1982)
The Emotions – Flowers (1976)
Breakwater – Let Love In (1980)
George Duke – Sugar Loaf Mountain (1979)
Jose Feliciano ‎– Golden Lady (1974)
The Latinos – Santo (1981)
Sérgio Mendes & Brasil '66 ‎– Viramundo (1970)
Junior Jack ‎– E Samba (2003)


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