Boombox 13 Funky Chill & Sunny Pop

Sam Robinson
Enjoy this 13th part of Boombox with lots of fresh tracks! Al Sunny is a young composer emerging from the French soul music scene. Soon after learning the guitar, he started composing and became involved in numerous projects and collaborations. Al Sunny is obviously a very good name for a guy who makes (soulful) sunny pop and a contemporary variant of yacht rock. His album 'Time to decide' is out now.

The wonderful closing track of this new Boombox episode is ‘Breakfast’ by The Associates. They were Billy Mackenzie (‘William’ from the song ‘William, It Was Really Nothing’ by The Smiths) and Ian Rankine. After a few singles and two albums, 1982's ‘Sulk’, was the group's definitive statement. It was named album of the year in Melody Maker. Following the LP's success, a promotion tour was set up in the US, but Mckenzie cancelled it at the very last moment. Rankine went mad and left the group for a solo career. Mackenzie retained the Associates name and teamed with producer Martin Rushent to record an album, but it remained on the shelf. A few of the songs later appeared on 1985's ‘Perhaps’. One of them, ‘Breakfast’, is perhaps the best song that The Associates ever recorded. It reminds me of the warm summer of 1985 (Live Aid!).

Next week the start of a new series!


Joey Negro Feat. Diane Charlemange – Prove That You’re Feelin’ Me (2017)
Ronika – Superfine (2017)
Tuxedo – July (2017)
Todd Rundgren Feat. Robyn – That Could Have Been Me (2017)
Work Drugs – Love Higher (2017)
Garden City Movement – She’s So Untouchable (2016)
Marnie – Electric Youth (2017)
Al Sunny – Open Up Your Eyes (2017)
Oattes Van Schaik – Miracles (1985)
Cape Coral – Cruisin’ In (2017)
Nacht Und Nebel ‎– Beats Of Love (1983)
The Lotus Eaters ‎– You Don’t Need Someone New (1984)
Ice Choir – Unprepared (2016)
BC Camplight – Just Because I Love You (2015)
The Associates ‎– Breakfast (1985)


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