Jazz-Funk Grooves From The Crates: Summer Madness

Ángela Burón (Flickr)
The closing track of this new cloudcast is ‘Summer madness’ by Kool & the Gang. Khalis Bayyan of the band changed the track that was originally called ‘You Don't Have to Change’. It was composed by trumpet player Robert "Spike" Mickens and Elton Taylor. Bayyan started the new version of 'Summer madness' with the piano, as he told Rolling Stone:

“And then at that time, the Arp 2600 had just came out. I went in the studio and detuned it so it'd get five octaves. I'm in there by myself — it's 5 o'clock in the morning — so I turn on the portamento and it went [makes sound of sliding pitch]. I asked [engineer] Harvey [Goldberg], "What do you think?" He said, "That's amazing!" When I did that portamento, it was done! It was a wrap.”

King of the medley, James (Hansi) Last, who passed away two years ago, could be a funky guy too from time to time! I remember him as the conductor who was more interested in his audience than in his musicians. He was always smiling to the crowd and conducting with his back to the orchestra. He really enjoyed the music and knew that his musicians could play their parts. He tried to transfer his joy to his listeners and he never failed.

Enjoy this jazz-funk part of Grooves From The Crates!


Flamingosis (Feat. George Benson/Mtbrd) – Breezy (2017)
Norman Connors – Stella [Joey Negro Jazz Ride] (2016)
Cosmic Surf Club – Quiet Dawn [Club De Belugas Remix] (2016)
Incognito – The Less You Know (2012)
Lesette Wilson – Caveman Boogie (1981)
Brooklyn Express – You Need A Change Of Mind (1982)
James Last & His Orchestra – Falling Star (1979)
Sea Level – Fifty-Four (1978)
Pee Wee Ellis – Moonwalk (1969)
Gene Page – Blacula (1972)
Billy Paul – The Whole Town's Talking (1974)
Ahmad Jamal – Superstition (1973)
Houston Person – I No Eye For Back (1977)
B.T. Express – If It Don't Turn You On (You Oughta' Leave It Alone) (1974)
Roy Ayers Ubiquity – Searching (1976)
Kool & The Gang – Summer Madness (1974)


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