Smooth Sailing: Dreamy Disco & Beach Chair Pop

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Because of the heat it’s “too slow to disco”, to quote German DJ Supermarkt, so it’s best to listen to the music in a beach chair instead of being on the dance floor.

The wonderful song by Tears For Fears is from the GLOW soundtrack:

“If anything on TV is going to leave people on the ups, it’s “GLOW.” Liz Flahive’s new Netflix series is upbeat, enthusiastic, and empowering. Chronicling a start-up group of women’s wrestlers in the ’80s, the 10-episode half-hour comedy is edgy, both in quick bursts and its overall message, but still consistently light enough for fluffy fun. It’s a great pop song built around great pop songs.”

(Quote: Indiewire)

Enjoy this new part of Smooth Sailing! Next up is a new episode of Grooves From The Crates.


Mascara (feat. Luther Vandross) – See You In L.A. [Eddy’s Edit] (1979)
Poom – Adagio (2017)
Future World Orchestra – I’m Not Afraid Of The Future (1982)
Rac Feat. Scavenger Hunt – Johnny Cash (2017)
Nicole McCloud With Timmy Thomas ‎– New York Eyes (1986)
MINNI – Give A Little Love (2017)
Bret McKenzie – I'll Get You What You Want (Cockatoo in Malibu) (2014)
George Benson – Lady Love Me (One More Time) (1983)
World Radio – Love Me Not (2016)
Freedom Fry – Junkie [Penguin Prison Remix] (2017)
Work Drugs – Sleeper Hit (2017)
Crystal Bats – Anyone (2017)
Pablo Cruise ‎– Whatcha Gonna Do? (1977)
The Markley Band – Fallin’ In Love (1980)
Herb Alpert – Street Life (1979)
Ben E. King – Smooth Sailing (1976)
Steve Harley – Riding The Waves (For Virginia Woolf) (1978)
Steely Dan ‎– Kid Charlemagne (1976)
Parcels – Overnight (2017)
The Cornelius Bumpus Quartet – Inside You (1983)
Heatwave – Mind Blowing Decisions (1978)
Prince – Velvet Kitty Cat (1984)
Glenn Jones – Show Me (1984)
David Grant & Jaki Graham ‎– Mated (1985)
Steps – Your Burning Love (1982)
Oattes Van Schaik – Let Me Go (1985)
Tears For Fears ‎– Head Over Heels (1985)
Cannons – Miracle (2017)


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