Disco Over The Phone

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Booty calls, calls (and cries) for freedom, prank calls, calls for help, nature calls, love calls, you hear all kinds of calls. Pick up & get down!

Ramsey & Company were the group Mainor Ramsey had pieced together to play the Catskills supper club circuit. Their only release being the super charged sexy disco hit ‘Love Call’ backed with super blaxploitation fodder ‘Leg Grease’, release on Mainor’s own label, Ramco. This limited styrene 7” single was sold exclusively at the groups live shows and never saw its way into proper distribution. Oddly this limited release eventually found its way onto the dancefloors of the UK’s northern soul/modern soul scene, and became a super smash ripping up floors whenever played. The sheer quality of this tune mixed with the utter rarity has made this record nearly impossible to find and quite valuable on the collector’s market.

Enjoy the telephone conversation! Next week a new part of Smooth Sailing.


Yarbrough & Peoples – Don’t Waste Your Time (1984)
Aeroplane Feat. Tawatha Agee – Love On Hold (2017)
Mirror People Feat. Rowetta – Telephone Call (2016)
Litany – Bedroom (2017)
Ray Parker Jr. & Raydio – All In The Way You Get Down (1981)
Akasha (Madness) – Madam Operator (1980)
Rah Band – Clouds Across The Moon (1985)
Enchantment – Call On Me (1975)
The Hagman Group – You Made It Easy (2013)
Jay Black – One Night Affair (1976)
Finis Henderson – Call Me (1983)
Hal Bradbury – Call Me (1980)
Symbol 8 – Call Me (1978)
Epicentre – Get Off The Phone (1978)
Ramsey & Company – Love Call (1979)
Full Force – Your Love Is So Def (1987)
Jeff Perry – Call On Me (1991)
Sinkane – Telephone (2017)
Arcade High Feat. Hayley Stewart – Phone Lines (2016)
Chromatics – The Telephone Call (2010)
Kraftwerk – Telephone Call (1986)
Uncle Jamms Army ‎– Dial-A-Freak (1983)
Hello August – Wrong Chick (2018)
O.M.D. – Time Zones (1983)


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