Boombox 17 Electronic Funk & Techno Pop

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The term techno pop was invented by German electro funk pioneers Kraftwerk. Their 1986 album Electric Café was originally called ‘Techno pop’. It's pop music with melodic electronic instruments, which fits perfectly in the Boombox series, so enjoy this new episode with Kraftwerk as the closing act!

As Chaka Khan released her first solo album, I'm Every Woman, Rufus released 1978's Numbers, without Khan, and it went absolutely nowhere. Masterjam finds them back together, renamed Rufus and Chaka, with Quincy Jones as the producer. Khan had worked with Jones on his 1978 album, Sounds...And Stuff Like That. The most striking thing about Masterjam is that it doesn't sound like a trademark Rufus effort. Jones' production style is so strong that the band's individual sound is all but lost. It's nothing to worry about, since Jones was at his R&B/pop peak and Rufus couldn't do it any better on their own. Walk The Rockway is one of the standout tracks.

Originally from Japan with a bi-cultural background, Saucy Lady is a character with an attitude of confidence and sensuality. She represents in her music what we've all admired about the disco era. Saucy Lady brings back the eclectic, outrageous fashion and cultural diversity that comprised the nightclub scenes in the '70s and '80s. Honey B is out on Cultures of Soul.


Saint Pepsi – Skylar Spence (2013)
Soulpersona & Princess Freesia – S.C.P.D. (2018)
Cape Coral – Chest Pop (2017)
Saucy Lady – Honey B (2018)
Zapp – Dance Floor (1982)
Glam Sam & His Combo – Fly Cool (2018)
Dabeull & Jordan Lee – Don’t Forget It (2018)
The Kazu Matsui Project Featuring Robben Ford – Time Flies (1983)
Rufus & Chaka – Walk The Rockway (1979)
Nile Rodgers – It’s All In Your Hands (1983)
Harrison – All You Got To Do (2017)
Nyssa – Cowboy (2018)
Felix Da Housecat w/Miss Kittin – Madame Hollywood (2001)
Tiga – Hot In Herre (2003)
High Resolution ‎– Sweepin' Off (1983)
Brat’ya – Body (2018)
Luxxury – Be Good 2 To Me [DJ Edit] (2018)
People’s Choice – Here We Go Again [Joey Negro Philly Stomp Mix] (1976/2016))
Kraftwerk – Musique Non Stop (1986)


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