Smooth Sailing: Sea Grooves & Latin Moods

Harpers Bazaar May 2017 Joan-Smalls and Elsa Benitez by Mariano Vivanco
Let me take you on a Latin Soul sailing trip this time! Enjoy the Sea Grooves & Latin Moods! By the way, this part of Smooth Sailing is based on a cloudcast called Sea Groove that I did exactly 8 years ago. The closing track is from the album We Want A Piece Of The Pie by Septimus, only recently officially released by Cultures of Soul:
"The final product was an album featuring eight tracks of sumptuous, jazzy R&B and funk, showcasing the crisp musicianship Septimus had honed night after night playing for nightclub crowds in Oklahoma. It also felt slightly out of time, hearkening back to the deeply earth and spiritual feeling of early 70s soul more so than fitting in with the gleefully cosmetic and glossy tone of early 1980s boogie funk.”
(Uchenna Ikonne)


Alaida Costa – Catavento (1976)
Mo’ Horizons – Kiss (2011)
Patti Drew – Fever (1969)
The JuJu Orchestra – Funky Nassau (2007)
Ray Barretto – Pastime Paradise (1980)
Jon Lucien – Would You Believe In Me (1973)
Earth, Wind & Fire – That's The Way Of The World (1975)
Phyllis Hyman – Don’t Tell Me, Tell Her (1981)
Steve Parks – Movin' In The Right Direction (1981)
Edna Wright – Oops! Here I Go Again (1977)
The Blackbyrds – Soft And Easy (1977)
Roos Jonker – Mmmmm (2010)
Sergio Mendes – Rio de Janeiro (1996)
Septimus – The Funk’s On You (1982)


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