Sun, Soul & Sadness

I like the summer and the sunshine, but the sunset after a warm day always gives me a sad feeling for some reason. To deal with those feelings I created this mix. One of the tracks is ‘Sundown’, the classic from Gordon Lightfoot. And one of the comments on YouTube was this one: think of all the great songs we'd never have if Gordon's first wife hadn't been such a bitch! :) Gordon Lightfoot also wrote the wonderful ‘If you could me read my mind’ that became a disco hit for Viola Wills in 1980.


Incognito – Sunburn (1981)
Brenton Wood – Better Believe It (1975)
Johnny Bristol – Strangers In The Dark Corners (1978)
Faze-O – Riding High (1977)
Joan Osborne – I’ve Got To Use My Imagination (2007)
Minnie Riperton – Perfect Angel (1974)
Evelyn King – I’m Just Warming Up (1981)
Tavares – Turn Out The Nightlight (1981)
Don Blackman – Heart’s Desire (1982)
T-Connection – Everything Is Cool (1982)
Gentle Persuasion – A Little Bit Of Love (1978)
Madlib – Andrew Hill Break (2003)
Odyssey – Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love (1972)
Gordon Lightfoot – Sundown (1974)
Sundown – One Morning In May (1976)
Candi Staton – Hurry Sundown (1981)
Leela James – It’s Over (2010)
Roy Ayers Ubiquity – Everybody Loves The Sunshine (1976)
Bill Withers – I Want To Spend The Night (1977)
Mink Deville – Just To Walk That Little Girl Home (1979)



Dazler said…
Most definitely Sun & Soul but Sadness? - No!

So many great songs I hardly know where to start!
But if I have to single a couple out it would have to be Brenton Wood & Roy Ayers - Mr Summer himself!
professor Eddy said…
Thanks! That Brenton Wood track is great, isn't it?

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