Groovy, Sexy & Soulful Part 3

The song that marked the beginning of the disco era is most of all ‘Rock your baby’ from George McCrae. Written by the guys from KC & the Sunshine for George’s wife Gwen, but she couldn’t come over to the studio in time. So they passed it over to husband George and the rest is history. The song became a number one smash all over the world. Jesse Green borrowed a little bit of the rhythm from George for his smooth sounding ‘Nice And Slow’ (and the sexy dancer makes the song a joy to watch on YouTube!). Roundtree was mixed by Tony Bongiovi. Doesn’t that name sound familiar? Yes, he’s the uncle of rock singer Jon Bon Jovi! And yes, I put in the Jazmine Sullivan song after seeing the movie ‘The King’s Speech’... ;-) Ntjam Rosie was a guest on the Gilles Peterson show on BBC Radio 1 last Wednesday. And if you like this mix, check out part 1 and part 2 as well!


St. Tropez – I Want To Do Something Freaky To You (1982)
Sylvia – The Lollipop Man (1977)
Roundtree – Get On Up (Get On Down) (1978)
Jesse Green – Nice And Slow (1976)
Al Green – Love Ritual (1978)
Ntjam Rosie – Space Of You (2010)
Lotte & Leherb – Irre Gut (1974)
Ned Doheny – Get It Up For Love (1976)
Cooly’s Hot Box – Friend Of Mine (2002)
Sweet Blindness – Maaria (1976)
Blackwell – Belly Button (1978)
Bill Withers – Kissing My Love (1972)
Catherine Miller – You've Been Hunchin All Night (1977)
Mystic Moods – Make Love, Love Me Baby (1976)
George McCrae – Rock Your Baby (1974)
Mark Ronson – The Night Last Night (2010)
Jazmine Sullivan – Stuttering (2010)


swazifiction said…
another masterful selection Eddy! Keep 'em comin'! &, as always, thanx.
professor Eddy said…
Thanks a lot! There's more on the way... ;-)
swazifiction said…
Oh, btw, did you ever include 'Zoom' by Fat Larry's Band in a mix? I loved that 12"
professor Eddy said…
No, but maybe I will include it in a future mix! ;-) It's a great song, I agree.

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