Boombox II - Funky Grooves & Electro Soul

The second part of ‘Boombox’ is the evidence that there was still some very good disco around after the heyday was over by the end of the 1970s. Disco went out of the mainstream and back to the clubs where it belonged in the 1980s. Party people started to dance on funky grooves and electro soul, music that is often referred to as ‘post-disco’. Unlike disco music of the 1970s, post-disco usually lacked the typical shuffling hi-hat driven beat, walking basslines and string orchestration. It now featured drum machines, synthesizers and sequencers. Soulful vocals, however, remained an essence of post-disco. The main force in post-disco were mainly one-hit wonders and short-lived collaborations, while record producers played a significant role in post-disco in general. An exception to this rule and one of the key-figures at the same time was Prince, who made some sublime crossovers between funk, electro and rock.

From the late 1990s, post-disco started to live again in one way or another. For instance Los Angeles-based musician Dâm-Funk (picture) and Miami Nights 1984 (both featured in this mix) use key-elements from post-disco in their work. Dâm-Funk released his new single ‘I don’t wanna be a star’ on Stones Throw last week. Check out his excellent soft rock mixtape as well.

So, take your oldschool ghettoblaster to the streets and enjoy!


Prince – Jack U Off (1981)
Prince Charles And The City Beat Band ‎– Beat The Bush [Alkino Re-Edit] (1983)
Dâm-Funk – I Don't Wanna Be A Star (2012)
Donna Summer – Dinner With Gershwin (1987)
Miami Nights 1984 – Ocean Drive (2012)
Lillo Thomas – Downtown (1987)
The Dells – Whatever Turns You On (1981)
Mtume – Green Light (1983)
Distance – Get Get On Down (1981)
Elaine & Ellen – Fill Me Up (1980)
Krystol – After The Dance Is Through (1984)
Alexander O’Neal – Fake (1987)
Keith Sweat – My Mind Is Made Up (1985)
Young & Company ‎– I Like (What You're Doing To Me) (1980)
Larry Wu – Let Me Show You (1984)
Evelyn King – I’m In Love (1981)
Roger – I Heard It Through The Grapevine (1980)
Renegade – A Fine Time (To Discover) (1989)


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