More Than A Mellow Mood

The opening song from Players Asscociation (known for ‘Turn the music up’) is some kind of (underground) disco classic. The following track from Sashay is from an album I reviewed last week, called ‘Evans Pyramid’. The song never saw the light of day at the time (late 1980s), because a deal with Arista Records didn't come through. The track from Intercity Sound Association will be (re-)released on the 25th of September. The album is called ‘Philly sound’, although it's not the real Philly sound, of course. It’s a good imitation of Philly (and other kinds of seventies) soul, made in Germany (no, not in China...). The real Philly sound comes from McFadden & Whitehead, for instance, who are featured with 'One more time'.

Everyone knows French bad guy Serge Gainsbourg ('Je t'aime... moi non plus'). I selected an unreleased remix that DJ Cam did on 'Ford Mustang' (a duet with Brigitte Bardot). He gives the track a pleasant hip hop vibe. The ones from Club de Belugas and Eddie Henderson are more or less mixtures of jazz and soul.

Latin soul comes from Quantic Soul Orchestra, Fania All Stars, Steve Winwood, Leon Ware and Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra (from the excellent ‘World’s funkiest covers’). Cissy Houston is Whitney’s (troubled) mum. She made quite a few solid soul albums, but she never had any big hits. James Last put out loads of crap easy listening albums during the seventies to cash in as much as possible. So I was quite surprised when I heard ‘I can’t move no mountains’ for the first time, because it sounds like an exciting Blaxploitation soundtrack! It has the same vibe as the tracks from Stevo (produced by Tommy 'Bump and hustle music' Stewart) and Barry White. Rebekka Ling is a talented young soul singer from the north of Holland who just released her beautiful debut album, called ‘Travel light’. Enjoy!


Players Association – Get Down With The Mellow Sound (1980)
Sashay – I Got A Rush For You (2012)
Intercity Sound Association – City Train (1976)
McFadden & Whitehead – One More Time (1983)
Serge Gainsbourg – Ford Mustang [DJ Cam remix] (2002)
Club des Belugas – Frankie (2008)
Eddie Henderson – Say You Will (1978)
Winston McAnuff – Rock Soul (2006)
Fania All Stars – Fania All Stars’ Cha Cha Cha (1976)
Quantic Soul Orchestra feat. J-Live – She Said What (2007)
Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra – I Turn My Camera On (2011)
Cissy Houston – I’ll Be There (1970)
Steve Winwood – Luck’s In (1977)
Leon Ware (feat. Flora Purim) – Somewhere (1982)
Cassandra Beck – Da Ya Think I’m Sexy (2008)
James Last – I Can’t Move No Mountains (1975)
Stevo – Universal Love (1978)
Rebekka Ling – Missing You (2012)
Barry White – Mellow Mood [Pt.1] (1974)

More Than A Mellow Mood by Professor Eddy on Mixcloud


Dazler said…
Great stuff!

The highlight for me was Players Association – "Get Down With The Mellow Sound", a track I've always loved.

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