I'm A Street Player

We started walking from the street corner where we heard the street player. We enjoyed the views in Neon Valley Street and Funky Frith Street. Then we went from the back street (surprisingly!) to Baker Street, which is a short cut in this mix. From there to Green Flower Street is also a small step. Although we got lost in 23rd Street, we managed to go down on Disco Street. We proved to be street tough and kept on dancing on Queen Street. And at the end of our walk we still heard the street music... ;-)

Enjoy this musical street trip too! Picture on the left from FreeFoto

I really like 'Street corner' from Ashford & Simpson. The two of them wrote many soul classics for Motown and other labels, like ‘Ain’t no mountain high enough’, ‘California soul’ and ‘I'm every woman’. Nick Ashford, who died last year, and his wife Valerie Simpson are probably best known for their worldwide hit 'Solid’. Last June Valerie Simpson released 'Dinosaurs are back again'.

The re-edit of 'Street corner' is beautifully done by Laura Stavinoha. She's a Dutch singer and her debut EP 'Sweet life' came out yesterday. She also recently released a techno track, together with Turkish dj Dreamer Tunez, called 'I just don't care' from the EP 'Behind the doors'.

Track listing:

Ashford & Simpson – Street Corner [Laura Stavinoha Re-edit] (1982)
Sharon Redd – Beat The Street (1982)
Unlimited Touch – I Hear Music In The Streets [Funky Streets Edit] (1980)
Weather Report – 125th Street Congress (1973)
Janelle Monáe – Neon Valley Street (2010)
Gonzales – Funky Frith Street (1974)
Chicago – Street Player [Eddy's Edit] (1979)
Ronn Matlock – Back Street (1979)
Gerry Rafferty – Baker Street (1978)
Donald Fagen – Green Flower Street (1982)
Johnny Hammond – Lost In 23rd Street (1975)
Willie Hutch – Down Here On Disco Street (1979)
Ben E. King – Street Tough [A Discobody Fight 2 Survive Edit] (1981)
The Doobie Brothers – Takin’ It To The Streets (1976)
Sweet Blindness – Queen Street (1976)
The Bang Gang – Street Music (1981)


Dazler said…
Great mix, thanks Eddy.

It's always a joy to hear Gerry Rafferty's "Baker Street".
professor Eddy said…
Thanks, Darren! Gerry Raffery made great records, I agree.

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