Steamy Soul Funk & Disco Part 3

The song from the Manhattans on this third part of Steamy Soul Funk & Disco is another small tribute to the late Vincent Montana, who plays the vibes on this Philly track. It is produced by Bobby Martin, featuring Gerald Alston on lead vocals. Taken from their album ‘That’s how much I love you’ that was released on Columbia Records.

Tommy Good was a singer in local clubs around Detroit when Motown boss Berry Gordy contracted him. He was one of the first white employees of the famous soul factory. He recorded an album, but for some strange reason it was never released at the time. It stayed in the vaults for almost 40 years! I don’t know why, because 'I've gotta get away' is an extremely good song. I like the deep lyrics, penned by Smokey Robinson, about a guy who is planning to leave the city for the summer because of a broken heart.

Sixties pop icon Frankie Valli of the Four Seasons went to Motown in the early seventies to record a couple of songs, including the almost paranoid sounding ‘The night’. He was not successful and Motown gave him the sack. Thanks to British northern soul dj’s the song became a top ten hit a few years later.

Check out the other parts of Steamy Soul Funk & Disco as well! Beautiful pictures from ~ANH~. Enjoy!


Johnnie Taylor ‎– Disco 9000 (1977)
Sylvia Striplin ‎– Give Me Your Love [Young Pulse Rework] (1981)
The Blackbyrds – Supernatural Feeling (1977)
Phyllis Hyman – Gonna Make Changes (1978)
The Manhattans – I Don’t Want To Pay The Price Of Losing You (1974)
Robert Parker – I Caught You In A Lie (1967)
Marvin Gaye – Me And My Lonely Room (1968)
Tommy Good – I’ve Gotta Get Away (1960s)
Tommy Roe – Sheila (1962)
The Four Vandals – Brick By Brick Stone By Stone (2012)
Frankie Valli – The Night (1972)
The Cavaliers – Hold On To My Baby (1966)
Charles Beverley – Don’t You Want A Man Like Me (1970s)
Walter Jackson – Let Me Come Back (1973)
Paul Anka – I Can’t Help Loving You (1966)
Jennifer Dee – Holding You To Ransom (2012)
Edwin Starr – Way Over There (1968)
The Four Tops – Have A Little Faith (1969)
The Temptations – Do You Really Love Your Baby (1986)
Rick James – You And I (1978)
Willie Hutch – The Way We Were (1975)
Odyssey 5 – Got To Be An Answer (1975)
Josephine – Pepper Shaker (2012)
Rhye – Last Dance (2013)

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